‘Get Into Rugby’ programme is in full swing in various cities of the Southern Punjab under the supervision of Pakistan Rugby Union (PRU).

The Manager of PRU, Syed Mozzam Ali Shah says that the programme successfully continues in Southern Punjab under the able guidance of development officers and coaches of the PRU. “We are quite impressed to see the talent of male and female players and we are confident that with proper training and coaching they have the potential to become quality rugby players in due course,” he added.

He said at the moment Fort Abbas and Chistian are the two cities where special emphasis is being laid on ‘Get into Rugby’ programme. “Our Coach Abdul Moqeet is doing a great job there and 150 boys and 100 girls of Golden Gate School Fort Abbas are learning the basics of rugby,” he said. Other schools, such as Govt High School Mangher Sharif Chistian and Qiadat Public School Fort Abbas are also engaged in Get Into Rugby programme, with many boys and girls participating.

Pakistan Rugby Union is one of top unions in Asia that has successfully run this project for the last three years.

Meanwhile Chairman, PRU Fawzi Khawaja said, “We are delighted that rugby is at a rapid rise in Pakistan and in short span of five years we have achieved very productive results at all levels as far as development of the game is concerned.” There are now Rugby grounds all over, not only in south Punjab but also in Fata, Quetta, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar, Lodhran, Multan, Mehsli, Fort Abbas, Muzafarghar, Bahawalpur, Bahwalngar and Lahore and in many their other cities,” he maintained.

“We hope to grow even further as we continue. GIR programme is running under the ‘Asia One million project’ that Asia Rugby is driving to get one million boys and girls to try rugby before the Japan Rugby World Cup 2019,” he said.

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