How to get involved with rugby

There are plenty of local rugby clubs out there who are always willing to take in new members. If you’re in University or College there’s a good chance either will have a resident rugby team. Given the turnover of students, there’s a chance for everyone.

Don’t forget that rugby’s not just for the men! Women’s rugby is one of the fastest growing sports around, and each of the sport’s governing bodies has their own women’s sections – which will be able to provide you with information about the nearest rugby clubs to where you live, or just google it.

GIR initiative

Pakistan Rugby Union (PRU) is the governing body of Rugby in Pakistan. It has been set up to promote the game of Rugby Union in the Pakistan. It is a full member of the World Rugby, Asia Rugby and NOC Pakistan National Olympic Association and is registered with the Pakistan Sports Board.

The goal of PRU is to spread the game of rugby to all the departments and Provinces of Pakistan and empowering them to further spread rugby in divisions, districts, cities, clubs, schools, colleges and Universities by giving them tools,  training and an appropriate platform to Learn and play rugby at the highest level and standards for both Men and women.

Keeping in mind the future of the game, Pakistan Rugby Union is striving hard to introduce this game in the educational institutions. We are approaching the institutional heads to join hands with us in introducing this game among the students and also hold the tournaments to inculcate the competitive sentiments.